Frequently asked questions answered

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Old vs New Approach

Why did you change the model?
We changed the model mainly for two reason:
  1. It would take too long and cost too much to become a financial services provider in each country that we want to sell TREE tokens.
  2. The TREE product was technically too complex.
The new model encapsulates the TREE product. The difference is that we will now create the software for financial services providers to create and market the TREE product.
Why the change to Ethereum tokens?
Ethereum is considered the defacto token for exchanges to host. We've learned that most top exchanges will not easily list WAVES coloured tokens.
How do I update my wallet address to my Ethereum wallet address?
You have two options:
  1. Email us your Ethereum wallet address:
  2. Log into the the user section of and manage it yourself (from 31 October).
Why was the ICO date extended?
We needed to extend the date to introduce the new approach to the market. Token holders that bought their tokens or before 25 October 2017 received bonus tokens as reward. The ICO will end on 20 November 2017.
What is this new buy back token?
US SEC laws prohibit an ICO to reward ICO supporters in anyway that might be considered a security. Paying dividends is considered a security, so is special share holding. Instead of PROPX tokens owning a special share in the business, you will receive one ProsperiProp token for each PROPX token you bought. ProsperiProp tokens are linked to the company's performance. When the time is right we will make you an offer to buy all the ProsperiProp tokens back - at the then present market value.
Note: Buy back tokens will not be traded on exchanges. It is simply a coin of which the value will appreciate as the business grows - like a share but not a share ;-)

Basic technology Q & A

What is blockchain?
Note: Description copied from User10405
A blockchain is a distributed (shared) append-only ledger, where each node in the network has the same copy of it. This ledger contains references to every transaction that has ever occurred on the network which is secured by the mining network, which validates and confirms those transactions.

The ledger is publicly viewable via a 'block explorer' to prove that a transaction took place or that an address (public key) has a certain balance, however encryption keeps that information obscured in the form of hashes and hash pointers.

Because the ledger is shared and encrypted, any attempt to alter the data inside of it would require an attacker to simultaneously hack each node of the network and overcome the encryption. Even if it could be attacked, due to the nature of hash functions, the tampering would be evident.
Do you use any investment tech?
No. Prosperiprop is a software company. We provide financial institutions with technology that makes fractional investment easy and affordable.
What is a PROPX token?
PROPX is a token generated on the Ethereum platform. PROPX tokens are the payment currency in the NanoChain platform.

PROPX tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. The exact date will be confirmed.
What is a TREE token?
The TREE token has been deprecated. The PROPX Nanochain software will use private, internal cryptocurrencies.

PROPX token issue

How many PROPX tokens have been created?
A total of 50 million PROPX tokens have been created, with 8 decimal places. The amount is capped, no additional PROPX tokens will be generated.
How many tokens do the company own?
The company owns 15% of the total number of tokens sold, example: if 100 tokens are sold the company owns 117,64705882 PROPX tokens (117,64705882 x 0.85 = 100).
What happens if the ICO doesn't sell all the tokens?
PROPX tokens that aren't sold in the ICO will be distributed to PROPX token owners over a period of two to five years or as market demand dictates.
When will my PROPX tokens be delivered to my Ethereum Wallet?
PROPX tokens will be distributed as soon as possible. Please ensure that your Ethereum wallet address is updated in your user profile on the platform.
Can the company sell its share of tokens?
Yes, the company can sell its share of PROPX tokens but strictly only under the following circumstances:
  • The company may sell up to 0.1% per month of its tokens and no more than 1% per year and that only after giving notice of its intent to sell via public notice on its website.
  • Shareholders may sell 10% per year and no more than 1% per month, three years after the ICO end date.

Business model

What is the difference between a cryptocurrency and a crypto asset?
A cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer payment mechanism that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. A defining feature of a cryptocurrency, and arguably its most endearing allure, is its organic nature; it is not issued by any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

A cryptocurrency’s primary objective is to store value in the same way that hard cash does. It can be used as payment, that is transferring value from one person to another. Cryptocurrency has a present cash value which it exchanged for goods or service of equal value. Cryptocurrencies are traded and its value is influenced by supply and demand.

A Crypto asset is a token that "represents value", it is a representation of value stored by something else. For example, a property backed crypto asset represents the value inherent to a specific property. The asset's value is reflected in the value of a crypto token. Asset backed crypto tokens are less vulnerable to changes in the cryptocurrency market.
Are PROPX and TREE cryptocurrencies?
No. Both the PROPX - and TREE tokens are backed by assets. That makes them crypto assets. However, as holders of value they can be traded on exchanges.
What are the assets backing PROPX and TREE?
PROPX is our investor's token. The total value of the entire crowd funded capital pool plus 10% of the value of all SPV assets accrue to PROPX.

TREE is our consumer token. TREE total value of all assets in the SPV accrue to TREE.

A detailed explanation is available in our whitepaper.