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The Company

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The Products

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The project in a nutshell

Imagine people being able to invest their spare change into property at the click of a button. But instead of getting the lowest possible returns you earn the same returns, proportionately, as that which a large investor gets. We are building that system!

What is the system?

The system is called PROPX NanoChain, its a private blockchain investment platform for financial institutions and other clients. These organisations will use the system to create fractional investment products. Our platform will take care of every aspect of the product life cycle from product setup to managing the end consumer experience.

The opportunity

We're inviting you to partner with us in building the PROPX NanoChain. This ICO lets you get involved right at the start. We are selling PROPX tokens to fund the design and prototype development stage of the project. Later on PROPX tokens will be used as the currency on the investment platform. Businesses that use the platform will use PROPX to activate their services.

What's in it for you?

Buy-back tokensEarly ICO supporters get special non-tradable ICO supporter tokens linked to the company's value. The company plans to buy these tokens back in time.

Great growth prospectsPROPX tokens are Ethereum based ECR-20 tokens supported by major exchanges. Value driven by corporate demand.

FREE PROPX tokensBlocks of PROPX tokens will be released into the market via PROPX token owners at the time.

Who's the build team? Watch explainer video

Who will use the system?

The PROPX NanoChain will be used by licensed financial service providers in each country. Company officials will setup investment products on the system uploading assets documents, setting investment pricing etc. The company will market their investment opportunity to their customers. The PROPX NanoChain software will do all the number crunching; managing the business rules, creating blockchain entries, generate internal crypto tokens and distribute dividends. Our system will provide simplified simplified user interaction points so that the end user has zero exposure to the technicalities of blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

Why will companies use our platform?

Fractional investment products are not common because the cost and administrative overhead associated with managing a large numbers of small investment accounts erode profits. Blockchain technology combined with the innovative use of cryptocurrencies and an intelligent software platform makes fractional investment products viable and profitable. Our technology has the ability to unlock billions of dollars of investment capital from previously untapped sources.

Basic process flow

  • 1
    1. Create product
  • 1
    1. Create product
  • 2
    2. Market product
  • 2
    2. Market product
  • 3
    3. Invest
  • 3
    3. Invest
  • 4
    4. Cash out
  • 4
    4. Cash out

Hint: Tap or click on the circled number to reveal the description.

1. Create product
The investment company will create their investment product online. They take care of all the technical details - like moving an asset into an SPV and calculating dividend economics.

2. Market product
Once the product has been defined, the system generates crypto tokens each token representing a fractional interest in the asset. The system provides the company with a set of digital marketing tools such as "buy now" buttons, hyperlink that links to a product landing page, QR codes etc.

3. Invest
Consumers can pay for their investment in crypto or use their credit card. A generic investment wallet can be downloaded where the user will be able to manage all the investments.

4. Cash out
Cashing out an investment is as easy as pressing the "Sell" button associated with a specific investment and then selecting how much you want to sell. The crypto trading process happens in the background.

Example use-cases

Note: All use-case examples assume that a company is licensed and/or accredited to create investment products.

Set up a managed investment fund
PROPX NanoChain allows financial services providers who would normally not have the staff compliment to manage a large number of accounts to extend their product range.
Create an informal investment pool
The software allows small groups of people to setup and manage a joint investment pool.
Government & NGO
Public organisations may use the PROPX NanoChain to manage public/private sector investment opportunities. All transactions are recorded and managed via smart contracts within the platform.
Venture capitalists
VC's will be able to use the platform in collaboration with a financial services provider to raise public project funding.

Project timelines

The project will be developed over three phases.
PROPX tokens bought during the ICO will be distributed from 31 October, but exchange listing will only take place after the ICO.

Prototype phase

Target date: July 2018
Funded by: ICO
Objective: A working product prototype is create to prove the concept and demonstrate the cost and administrative efficiency of the PROPX NanoChain.
Strategy: International road show to identify and attract global system integrator partners.

Beta testing phase

Target date: December 2018
Funded by: ICO or Venture Capital
Objective: A polished basic system is ready for Beta testing.
Strategy: System integrator partners are trained and equipped to market and support the system.

Production ready

Target date: March to June 2019
Funded by: Previous rounds
Objective:The final system is ready for client deployment.
Strategy: System integrators promote the platform to large financial institutions. Target advertising campaigns promote system with SMEs.

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